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Prospective Students

Why Athens Renaissance School

A renaissance in education

Renaissance. The word itself means renewal; rebirth; awakening. 

The learning experience at Athens Renaissance is nothing short of an awakening in education. In today's world, student and family needs and demands are more differentiated than ever before. 

Your child's needs are unique. Why should your educational options be any different?  

We have developed a program for children in grades K-12 that delivers an exceptional learning experience tailored to fit your family's specific needs and values. It's your child's education, your way.

Regardless of your pathway, Athens Renaissance tailors each choice to the students' needs.

Why families choose Athens Renaissance School:

  • Exceptional, individualized curriculum that covers core subject areas and beyond. Based on decades of educational research, this curriculum packages high-quality lessons with mastery-based assessments that ensure students achieve success at each and every level. 
  • High-quality education that enables a learning experience that is individualized for each student.
  • Online planning and assessment tools, resources and hands-on materials ranging from textbooks to microscopes, from rocks and dirt to beautifully illustrated classic children's stories and much more.
  • Opportunities to earn an accredited diploma through Athens Renaissance School.
  • Individualized instruction by highly qualified teachers with tutorials and supplemental learning aids to assist each student in meeting their goals.
  • Access to instruction 24 hours a day, seven days a week from virtually any place a computer will take them. Question on a lesson? Both parents and students have access to teachers through email, web-conferencing and in person at the Athens Renaissance School.
  • Support provided by assigned mentors who directly monitor the engagement and academic progress of the student.
  • Exploration of careers and hands-on learning provided to highschoolers through a rich assortment of career and technical education classes.


Understanding Blended Learning

What is blended learning?

Put simply, blended learning is exactly as it sounds.  It is the practice of using both online and in-person learning experiences when teaching students, in which the online and in-person experiences parallel and complement one another.

In a blended course, students might attend a class taught by a teacher in a traditional classroom setting, while also independently completing online components of the course outside of the classroom. In this case, in-class time may be either replaced or supplemented by online learning experiences, and students would learn about the same topics online as they do in class.

Athens Renaissance students are able to take the majority of school coursework online with some courses and academic support provided on-site at the school. Students can study independently with the full confidence of knowing there is caring, conscientious academic support available as needed. The student support staff is a dedicated, hardworking team of professional school educators and mentors. The ARS family welcomes questions and concerns. The support staff has one sole purpose: to ensure students are achieving the learning objectives for each course while making smooth progress toward graduation.

ARS students can access coursework from anywhere, at any time, with valuable face-to-face support available. For high school students, the personalized learning plan can be developed with the option to simultaneously take courses at Calhoun Community College, the University of Alabama Early College or any other college or career training center.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a Leadership Seminar and Field Experiences to empower them for life challenges and equip them with necessary skills for meeting them. Some of these include communication, listening and teamwork skills. Character skills such as integrity, work ethic, good judgment, maintaining a positive demeanor, and adaptability are developed. The focus is on the student's individual strengths, gifts, learning styles, college and career goals and contribution to the community.



Is It For Me?

Athens Renaissance School is a great fit for students who:

  • Are motivated to chart their own path to the future
  • Want to be a part of an inclusive, welcoming community
  • Are open to working independently and in partnership with others
  • Like the ability to learn from home or in various locations
  • Want a rigorous academic curriculum to prepare for college

 Athens Renaissance School works well for families who can:

  • Dedicate time to keeping the student motivated throughout the day
  • Provide ongoing guidance and encouragement
  • Help monitor student comprehension and progress
  • Organize and structure the learning day
  • Maintain regular contact with their child's teachers
  • Encourage their students to interact with others through field trips, clubs, and community activities